How to Choose a Korea Translation Agency

When looking for a translation agency in Korea, you should first consider what kind of documents you need translated. For example, financial translations involve banking transactions and accounting reports. Similarly, medical translations involve health and healthcare issues and require careful attention to detail. A top Korean translation agency usually charges more than other agencies do for these types of translations, and they require professional background in the field. Other types of documents that require translation are legal and financial documents, lease contracts, patents, international court disputes, and more. You may want to choose a translation agency in Korea that is notarized to guarantee authenticity.

It is a nation-wide agency

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It provides transcription and voice-over assistance

Whether your production is in English or Korean, using a reliable Korea translation agency is essential. Most video productions involve both raw footage and the finished program.

Regardless of your needs, Quick Transcription Service can provide transcription and voice-over assistance. These services are available for most popular audio formats, including MP3s and WAVs. With over a decade of experience, you can trust Quick Transcription Service to meet your needs.

It has a unique QCS+ management system

QCS+ is a proprietary management system, which combines a fully automated translation process with the expertise of professional translators to ensure the highest quality translation. The QCS+ measures the quality of the translation by using a machine-learning algorithm that aggregates data from billions of translated words. With a QCS+, any translation service provider can determine the quality of translations from any language, without having to conduct an analysis or interview every translator involved in the project.

It has a team of native Korean speakers

To provide the best quality of Korea translation agency, you need to hire a translation agency that has a team of native Korean speakers. The language is quite difficult to translate, as it is highly context-based. Even literal translations often make little sense to someone who is not native to the country. This is compounded by the lack of native English speakers in the translation industry. Thankfully, there are companies out there that are capable of handling even the most difficult texts.

It develops quality standards and certifications

Investing in a quality Korean translation company will allow you to get the best service for your money. Korean is a unique language that is difficult to learn and translate by amateurs. A superficial translation will result in the loss of the original meaning of the document, which is especially important for content-sensitive documents. Unlike English, Korean is also dynamic, with frequent improvements and modifications to its grammar and spelling. Unfortunately, many translators are unaware of these changes and provide outdated technical translated works.